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Want to get into exercise but don't know where to start?

Everybody needs a support network to get further in life, let me be your foundation   when it comes to training.

Have me in your corner to back you up and let's see how for we can go

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What I do

Life can be very challenging; your kids might get sick, you might lose your job or get into a fight with a stranger.

What happens to you in life is largely out of control, however you can do one thing; be ready for the unexpected to happen.

My work revolves around making individuals strong in any situation, via exposure to stress in a controlled environment with an experienced coach


Training is all about exposure, no matter what comes your way you stay calm and under control or if necessary let out.

Most of the training will revolve around connecting with your muscles, controlling your breath, finding intensity, moving well and self-defense. 

I will take care of all the planning, all you have to do is show up and put in the work.

About Us

Throughout my years in the fitness industry I started seeing the same problems over and over again in individuals; Joint inflammation, anxiety, over/under eating, dysfunctional movement patterns and ineffective breathing.

My question was simple; what is the most fundamental cause behind all of these issues, what behaviour would resolve all of this. 

I believe that the most fundamental cause of most problems in the world is a lack of awareness, a disconnect from yourself and thus from your environment.

I started experimenting on myself and those around me by using specific principles in order to elicit responses. 

What I learned first is that I knew nothing and as I got deeper into the theory I started seeing connections everywhere.

Nowadays I assess individuals during coaching and utilize specific tools to help them in areas where they could improve

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Willem from Bear Training is not your typical personal trainer. Training with Willem is not just building muscle, fitness, and stamina but actually involves working at becoming a better human. Doing the sandbag lifting, heavy carries with bags and jerry cans, pulls, and exhausting sprints under his guidance, has really changed my attitude to life and all its challenges. I have noticed very rapid changes in strength and endurance, both physical and mental and I am now actually looking forward to doing HARD stuff every day. I cannot recommend Bear Training enough and trust me you (and your partner/family) will love your version 2.0.

Rene Koopman

Researcher & professor

I could not recommended Wilhem enough! He is one of the best trainers I have had! He has tons of knowledge and will tailor sessions to your needs. He gives you the push you need to challenge yourself and see positive results. He is very supportive and his sessions are worth every cent. Highly highly recommend!!

Liam Nixon


Through my short, but intense fitness journey prepped and been coached by Willem for teaching my high intensity classes, Willem and I developed a connection we until this day still speak to with another. I believe we value each other as a professional not only because of our work ethic but also as individuals. We both work with people with our own intentions, he coachs people through movement and I connect people through my profession as a Zumba instructor. The knowledge, the support and the intention he brings to the table as a coach makes him the coach he is today. I've learnt to trust him, not because of him being my coach but because he truly wants to support you becoming an improvement of yourself in your fitness journey. Physically, mentally and emotionally. You will not like him at the beginning.. I'll repeat that again xd you will not like him in the beginning but at the end you'll recognize that you've been learning a lot more about yourself than you would think. He's a true coach.

Desi Pakasa



My succes is measured by the succes of others.