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About beartraining

What you often see with the fitness industry, group classes and standard personal trainers is a very convergent way of looking at the body and thus the individual. When talking about nutrition it is recommended to count your calories, with strength-training its all about the reps and increasing your weight and with sleep the focus is on hours of sleep.

All of this sounds great but there's one major problem; we are humans and we live complex lives, everything affects us one way or another. The above mentioned approach just isn't working for us.

Whenever I see an individual I see connections, I see a husband/father/employee/man, I see a human. What this means is that all these roles you play heavily effect you.

When I work with you we will get to know one another, I will assess how you respond to stressors and make you more capable of dealing with the problems in your own life. 

About the coach

Being active has always played a large role in my life, as a kid I was always outside and doing stuff. My sport was judo and later on that turned into kickboxing and Jiu jitsu.

I myself have gone through the stages of depression ridden puberty and anxiety prone adolescence but exercise was always a way to keep it under control.

After having been in the army for three years I decided to get into exercise physiology and movement science which is where my passion for exercise really took a hold.

Now that I have moved to Australia with lots of time to study and experiment I have come to some profound conclusions in terms of the control I have over myself.

Nothing makes me happier than reading a good book on health, coaching individuals, being outdoors and connecting with friends and family.

I'm relentlessly passionate about what I do and that is living.

The virtues


Everybody serves a purpose in life; to support one another.

My purpose is to be a foundation to others, to stand with and lift others up


I act from a source of plenty.

 I breathe, get to experience and have grown up protected and loved.


Life is not easy, it is not supposed to be. 

Adversity is the great mentor.

The future