I can give you a very detailed story of my life but we're here for you so I will keep it short, I can tell the rest during our time together.


I come from a family of five back in the Netherlands being the youngest with two older sisters.


I was a hyper-active kid always playing outside with friends and getting dirty. 


I've done judo for ten years, kickboxing for six , Jiu-jitsu for one year, ran several marathons and have always done alot of training myself.


There are a couple of events in my life that have forever changed me; my time at the royal marines, my trips to several continents, my human physiology study, and my emigration to Australia.


These events have shown me that pain and suffering can be very meaningful and they have given me a passion; understanding life


I've come to love life because of the influence I have on myself and the connections I have forged with individuals around me.

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It is not the destination that shapes the person but the journey

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The coach

The people

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Jemima was my first client ever right at the start of my health and longevity journey. We started off as friends and had a good click.


At the time she was dealing with chronic fatigue and asked for my help with training.


Back then I was very inexperienced with training, all I had done back then was training with my friends to get bigger.


I figured that the best thing to do was to keep things interested and vary the exercises as much as possible.


It worked because she loved exercising and later told me that I had changed her view on exercise forever,


This was the start of my passion for coaching.





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The company

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Desi and I met through the bootcamp class I taught at a local gym, she approached me because she liked my coaching style.


I took Desi on because of her fire, whatever she did during the class she did with passion and effort.


We spoke about her wants and desires and devised a plan together; get her fit for the classes she was about to teach and work on some basic movements.


In coaching there is a fine line between what the person wants and what you think he or she needs.


I helped her with her request but also tried to talk to her about true desires, what it was she really wanted.


Our sessions together were intense and during this time I saw a shift in her behavior.


I'm proud to see how far she has come and have no doubt she will succeed in whatever endeavor she takes on 

Hassan and I met during my time in Australia and have trained together for some time.


Hassan is one of the friendliest and kind-hearted giants you will ever come across.


During our training he himself had no real intent other than just being active. I however saw someone that underestimated his own ability greatly.


Our sessions were aimed at expressing yourself and building strength.


As he discovered what he and his body were capable of his passion for training started to grow.


There is still alot of progress to be made but hey that's life


This is an individual I am very font of and I am sure he will do great things in the future

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