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Services offered

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Through a chat, an intake and a movement assesment I will get an insight into your current situation.


All the relevant data will be put into a document with a straightforward explanation and postural photos.


This assessment is meant as a starting point for our sessions together and for you to get an understanding of areas

that still need work and why.



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Execution plan

Ater the assessment is ready we will put a general plan together with the neccesary steps for you to make progress.


The plan can be for lifestyle changes, nutrition or  exercise; whatever needs most attention.


I will be keeping in touch with you and make changes in case your situation changes or if anything new comes up


Every template will have

a clear intent


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Mustering the will to push yourself and progress isn't something that comes naturally every single day


If I take you on as a client I will have your back, I will push you if you need to be pushed and catch you if you fall


You are not always going to like me as I will stress you out and make you fail. But I will do whatever I can to make you more resistant.


The coaching is possible

face to face, via zoom

or via social media

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I will focus with you on your why, what is your intent. It will be the fuel for your engine


We will move forward making you more resistant and versatile in the progress.


But most important I will make you see the iceberg, I will show you what is possible and what you can be capable of.


We tend to underestimate

ourselves all the time

limiting our options.


That's over.

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What do I stand for?

I consider myself to be a craftsman, aiming for quality. I only take on individuals that I have a connection with and that I can help


When we train together I will be fully involved in the process looking at your every move and listening to your experience and assessing your body language


When we have a sesson together the focus will not be on repetitions or weight , the aim will be at finding intensity, moving well and controlling your breath.


If the past has shown us anything it is that life is incredibly turbulent and unpredictable. Having a capable body will give you a foundation to rely on


Not big biceps or fat loss

but capactity to




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