Personal training

The primary goal is to make you strong and resilient to stress

The sessions will consist of certain components listed below.

Your current situation and intent will decide what the focus will be.

Depending on where you live this can be done in the gym, outdoors or online


An awareness of your breath and a control of during times of stress

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A structure of muscles to support you during your everyday life

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A proper supply of energy throughout the day 

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Control over your body and the capacity to move well

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Bear training
Join a group of likeminded individuals and get to know everything your body is capable of
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Bear cubs

Give your child the gift of movement by letting them join our groupclass focussed on fun, social interaction and challenges

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To make exercise a part of your life you can use templates so that you can train by yourself effectively


Spend more time considering what question to ask instead of answering.

If we want our time together to be fruitful I have to get to know you; what kind of a life are you living, how do you move what obstacles are you dealing with and what do you want.

Not only will this make the training more effective it will also allow you to truly understand the choices I have made regarding the exercises

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