The journey that got us here

What We Do

We get others to take action by being their support and foundation, someone to rely on when things get hard. We do the planning and assess what you would benefit from the most.

You in turn can help make this world better in your own way via your parenthood and/or professional life.

Getting kids excited about health & exercise
Creating resilience in individuals
Building strong communities

About Us


the coach

Everybody has their own personal legend, their own narrative in life. 

Some take over 30 years to discover their purpose in life and some never really find theirs, I was lucky to find mine at the age of 24.

My purpose in life is to hold others up, to be whole as a person and in turn take on the load of others.

We humans are social animals and we have survived over 120.000 years as a species because of the power of communities.

Sadly in this day and age we feel more disconnected than ever hence the current health pandemic.

It is my aim to get give back power to the parents/kids/communities so that they can think and act for themselves.

I am not on this earth for myself, I am here to learn and share.

What we get up 
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