Strength & Conditioning

We believe that general wellbeing requires continues investment into yourself, and a major player is exercising

We also understand that it can get very confusing as to what kind of exercise you should do, how much etc. As well as finding the motivation to get started.

With our fitness classes all you have to do is show up, and the other participants and the coach will help you push further than you thought was possible.

During classes there will be a high variety of training modalities to give you all-round health & fitness

Carry heavy weight

Building a frame that can support a heavy load.

Whether you are picking up your child, doing the groceries or moving house, carrying weight will help

Get stronger

Generate more force and move heavier objects.

Not only will it make your normal life easier, it will also boost your confidence

Moving well

Moving more energy efficient and with less trouble

Everything will cost just a little less effort and joints stay mobile

Getting fitter

Having the vitality to get up and achieve goals in life.

Feeling fit and vibrant will take the focus of off that cup of coffee in the morning and make you more opportunities in life

Becoming athletic

Getting from one point to another effectively and having proper eye-hand and foot coordination.

Are you able to combine your movement skill and strength to get to places easier? Throwing, jumping and balancing will test you.

Effective breathing

Breathing in a manner that supports your activities and wellbeing

How are you breathing and what is it doing to your general state of being, and can it be changed voluntarily?

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