Personal training

Health & Fitness can seem very confusing, and going about it 'wrong' can have detrimental effects over time

Hiring one of our coaches will not only speed up your progress, and minimize long-term discomfort you also have a friend on your side.

During the sessions we will continuously asses your progress and change the programming accordingly. 

The training modalities will be similar to the group fitness classes but better suited to your current capacity

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A professional relationship

Getting to know you as a person is fundamental to a fruitful future, we have to figure out what makes you tick.

As we do more talking we get to know more about each-other and a level of trust will be built over time.

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Adapted to you

Everybody is different and certainly, everybody has different areas they should focus on.

Maybe you didn't sleep well or you need a release because of a fight with your partner, our session will change accordingly.

Fitness Strength Training Workout Exercise Gym

Quicker progress

As a coach you can easily see how much the client can handle and we can change the weight, repetition and exercises so that you can push just a little harder.

Also, we can change the environment in such a way that you get challenged to your max capacity if needed

Fitness Strength Training Workout Exercise Gym

Chosen time & day

Do a session with us on a day and time of your choosing.

Maybe you want to be energized before work or let loose on a saturday morning, our schedules are very flexible.

Fitness Strength Training Workout Exercise Gym


No need to be afraid of looking like a fool when you fail, it's just you and us. We try and create a safe environment for you to challenge yourself.

Also, if you want to share personal information this will stay between you and me

Athletics group fitness


Because we are constantly watching the chance of something going wrong is slim.

Of course the risk of injury should always be low but it can never be completely avoided.

When doing personal training we will be lifting heavy but with a watchful eye

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