A class for women-only coached by a 3rd Dan karate instructor, mom and business owner.

The class is a mix of strength-building, general fitness, conditioning with a touch of self-defense.

Do you want to have a nice chat, get in a good workout and clear your head then this will be your group fitness class.

We have a playroom nearby so that the kids can mind their own business

Fitness Strength Training Workout Exercise Gym


You will be joining a group of women that like to push themselves, support families and run businesses.

Everyone is open to a chat before and after


The capacity to carry heavy weight, lift things, run and much more.

Our classes are aimed at supporting your busy life and making your work and chores just a bit easier to handle


No need to hold back during these sessions, making noise and heavy sweating is welcome.

Feel great about yourself, about what you are capable of and let none limit you.

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