Kids training Eltham


Getting used to being suspended in air and getting from one place to another in sorts of new ways.

Climbing is a real workout but also lots of fun

Functional fitness for kids


Jumping on high things and finding ways to jump higher and further

It gets a bit scary sometimes but that's exactly why its so good, overcome your fears!

Kids exercise Eltham

Carrying weights around, it does not get more functional than that!

Awkard objects, heavy objects or maybe even a person. Carrying is a very safe way for kids to get strong and feel stable

Self defense kids Eltham

Self defense

Can you stand your ground when someone is pushing you around?

Balance training kids Eltham


Great fun for the kids if we incorporate balancing into obstacle courses. 

Balancing is incredibly important throughout life because not only does it make you feel safer, you run less of a risk of falling

Fitness for kids Eltham

To keep the kids engaged whilst teaching them to work together we play plenty of games during our classes.

Not only does it teach them that losing is a part of life, now they can actually incorporate all the skills they've learned

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