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”The option to work on your body and mind at home”

As a Health & Fitness coach one of my aims is to become absolete, to coach someone in such a way that they can maintain a fit and health body and mind themselves.

My usual approach with a new client is to assess their current situation through a heart-to-heart chat followed by exposure to different stressors.

Certain individuals might benefit more from high intensity, from more mental stimulation or from more social interaction. The aim is to figure out what moves you.

After the main weak areas are taken care of I usually advice clients to join group classes and rely less on personal training, it is not only cheaper but also gives you a community of like minded individuals.

The last step after personal coaching and group fitness is to give the individual specific homework to minimize injury and maximise their benefit from the workouts, hence this portal .

Getting access to this portal without the coaching and group fitness is still possible but it won’t benefit you as much as it would with the proper coaching. But, if it helps you I’m happy to oblige.

Willem van Zanten
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Martial Artist & Entrepeneur
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