What do we do


Getting fit takes effort and without the experience the process is slow with possible injuries and overtraining.

My profession is getting individuals results, and not the just the physical kind. Results in virtually every part of your life.

As we spend more time together I will get to know you better. I will figure out how to push your buttons and what makes you tick.

All you have to do is making the investment in yourself, showing up and doing the work.

I will take care of the rest

Giving kids the gift of movement

With technology taking up a bigger spot in our lives as time progresses plus all the comforts we're enjoying nowadays our kids are suffering. Chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity run rampant amongst even the youngest. Anxiety and depression occur more and more often.

It is my wish to get kids back into their bodies and out there, playing alongside their friends and enjoying life as it is without the constant stream of stimulation.

During the Bear cubs classes we aim to maximally stimulate the kids through learning how to move, work together, play, lead and listen to each-other.

And hopefully as your kids grow old they will retain this passion for moving so that they in turn can change this world for the better.

The bear cubs classes will be held at location Eltham Martial-Arts Academy

Getting stronger together

We naturally like to stay in our comfort-zone, especially when none is watching. Sadly not much progress happens this way. Training alongside others always makes putting in the effort easier

The classes are aimed at creating allround capacity ranging from being able to control weight to being able to breathe eficiently under stress.

No matter your level of fitness, age or gender you are welcome, welcome to challenge yourself.

The bear training classes will be held at location Eltham Martial-Arts Academy

Train with me

Looking into getting back into shape but haven't got the finances in check?

Train alongside me and some friends and let's put in the work together.

Time and place will be disclosed after we have a chat.


Your investment in yourself

Train with me

$ Free


  • Equipment supplied
  • Intense
  • Free of charge

Before you can join we have to have a chat to see if you are a good fit

Get trained by me

$ 85

Per session

  • For your specific needs
  • At any location
  • At your preferred time

Comes with access to online content, templates & assessments

Train in a group

$ 20

Per class

  • Varied
  • For all levels
  • At set location & time

Monthtly subscription is available with additional Martial-Arts classes