Why your intent is ever important


When you go to the supermarket to get food you have a very distinct reason for going, to get sustenance and survive & thrive. Generally speaking you don't need a lot of persuasions to go and most of the actions you undertake are effortless.

This is primarily because your intent is very clear.

Why is it so hard for young children to study, read and do things that will help them on the long-term? This also has a lot to do with intent, as children because of brain development are not able to think long-term. They have not been able to formulate a clear reason for undergoing these somewhat uncomfortable actions. 

Why is it s difficult to stick with a habit after a month? Same reason, after the novelty of the habit has subsided you are relying on your intent. And if your intent isn't very firm you will likely quit.

What is a 'good' and 'clear' intent exactly?

1) For starters it has to make sense to you, personally. Repeating what others tell you won't work for long.

2) There has to be a clear goal, what are you working towards and when will you know whether you are successful or not

3) Involve other areas in your life into the intent, how will the rest of your life be affected by reaching the desired goal?

4) Make it noble, make it about others. We like the feeling of being a good person and being able to directly support someone els will help strenghten this sensation.

5) Make it long-term and less so on events or measurements, and more so on your character traits and/or being.

How can I formulate my own intent

Consider who you are and what your personal values and virtues are. Are you a mother, a business owner, what kind of work do you do?

What is truly important to you as an individual and how does keeping up with this habit or routine support your personality.

Maybe you really like taking care of others or maybe you get great joy out of creating things. Ask yourself how reaching a goal will help you with these passions of yours.

My own intent in life

I am at my happiest when I am able to make a positive impact on other people their lives.

When I am able to help someone feel good about themselves again, or when I can help someone overcome chronic pain.

I love the feeling of being a foundation to my partner, her kids and my direct community.

So what actions, habits and routines will help me with these intents

1) Meditation

2) Martial Arts

3) Exercise

4) Nutrition

5) Fasting

6) Sleep

7) Reading

8) Genuine connection

''I seek to be an asset to those close to me and a danger to those seeking to hurt my community''

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